Norfolk Southern Class G116, G117 and G118 Hoppers

This set is for Norfolk Southern's fleet of hopper cars class G116, G117 and G118.

Freight Car America is churning them out at a rapid pace at the former East End Car Shop in Roanoke, Virginia.

Our HO Scale set will letter two cars, one with the original herald and one with the Soaring logo. The N Scale set will letter four cars, two of each.

Details included in this set include three different sets of "spring" information. It varies depending on what type of trucks are under the car. Another interesting detail is the paint code on the side of the car. The paint type changed when they began to apply the new logo so both versions are included. The set also includes three various LD LMT weights. For modelers who are true "rivet counters", there is actually an NS stencil and car number that goes on the truck bolster facing the car ends. You would never see this in regular service.

Full decal placement instructions will be included.

Decal sheets shown below are the proofs and have been enlarged for readability.