Norfolk and Western Passenger Cars

Photo by Joe Kmetz - Roanoke, VA, November 8, 1981



HO123 - $5.99 Per Set

N123 - $4.99 Per Set

ShellScale Decals O123 - $8.99 per set. (Set includes two of each sheet for a minimum of two smoothside cars and a dome etc.)


This set is for Norfolk and Western's fleet of streamlined passenger cars and sleepers. Printed in Dulux Gold it includes heralds for both the Powhatan Arrow and the Pocahontas. This set can be used for either Tuscan Red or Peveler Blue schemes.

Car names included are:

Sleeping Cars Class S1, Augusta County, Campbell County, Duke University, Emory and Henry College, Franklin County, Hampden-Sydney College, Hollins College, Mercer County, Mingo County, Ohio State University, Pike County, Pulaski County, Randolf-Macon College, Roanoke College, Scioto County, University of Cincinnati, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Washington and Lee University, Wythe County.

Sleeping Cars Class S2: Buchanan County, McDowell County, Sussex County

Additional Cars: Appomatox, Buchanan, Chilhowie, Claytor Lake, Cuttyhunk, Galax, Island Regal, Island Rose, Lowry, Pocohantas, Roanoke, Shenandoah, Sunstar Rose and Vulcan.

Diners: Frederick J Kimball, General William Mahone.

Norfolk and Western Passenger Cars - Union Pacific Scheme


ShellScale Decals HO134 - $4.99 per set.


ShellScale Decals N134 - $4.99 per set. (Enlarged for visibility).


ShellScale Decals O134 - $6.99 per set.

ShellScale Decals Set 134 - Norfolk and Western Passenger Cars in Union Pacific Colors - This set is for Norfolk and Western Passenger Cars painted for Union Pacific's City of St. Louis car pool.  HO Scale and O Scale sets includes two sheets.

This set included coach (chair car) numbers 1427, 1428, 1429 and 1430. Dome cars 1612 and 1613, and coach 1834, 1835, 1836 and 1837.

Also included are 4 Bedroom-12 Roomette cars Western Scene, Western Sunset, Western View and Western Lake. Sleepers National Colors, National Unity and National Homes are also included.