Chesapeake Western Diesels

This set is for Chesapeake Western's diesel locomotives. Lettering is included for ALCO T-6's #10 and #11. Lettering is also included for Baldwin VO-660's #661, #662, and #663.

Several of these locomotives still exist. CW #10 is preserved at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, Virginia. CW #11 has been restored to operational condition by the Roanoke Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.  CW #662 and #663 were recently saved from a Roanoke scrap yard. Number 662 has been cosmetically restored at Roanoke Chapter, NRHS's 9th Street Maintenance Facility in Roanoke, VA. It is now on display at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

The HO scale version is printed in dulux gold.

Not available in N Scale.

Photo taken in Harrisonburg, Virginia. October 22, 1979.

Here is the Chesapeake Western 662 before, and after after her cosmetic restoration by members of the Roanoke Chapter, NRHS.


HO111 - $4.99