Custom Decal Manufacturers

Here at ShellScale Decals we get many requests for custom decals. Unfortunately we do not do any custom decals. We simply don't have the time. We would be happy to refer you to a couple of companies that handle this type of work. Below are two companies that I have worked with and can highly recommend. There are also many other companies out there that advertise in the hobby magazines. Clicking on their logo or link will get you all the details!


Microscale Industries is an excellent source for your larger runs of custom decals. Their minimum run is 250 sets. Microscale currently prints our decals as we usually print 500 or 1,000 sets at a time.

Rail Graphics is an excellent source for your short run decals. Their minimum run is 25 sheets. We used Rail Graphics when we first went into business in 1986 and have recommended them ever since.