Microscale Decal Setting Solutions

ShellScale Decals recommends these Microscale products for use with our decals:

Micro Set

Micro Set is a very versatile decal setting solution that does several things to the ShellScale Decals to improve application. Micro Set should be applied to the surface of the model where you will be sliding off the decal. Micro Set prepares the surface with special wetting agents that cuts the oils in new paint and converts the adhesive on the back of the decal to a stronger and more lasting one. And finally, Micro Set slightly softens the decals film to make it more flexible so that it can conform better to the model's surface. Better adhesion by the decal to the model prevents tiny air bells from occurring and results in an invisible carrier film or the so called 'painted on look'.

Micro Sol

Micro Sol setting solution is for the most difficult irregular surfaces you find on models. It completely softens the ShellScale Decal allowing it to drape down onto the surface of the model conforming perfectly and without distortion. You can get the most amazing results in seemingly impossible places, because Micro Sol actually makes the decal part of the paint. For that reason you should coat Micro Sol on for only a few seconds and then leave it alone, it does the work. Do not touch until dry as the decal is very soft at this stage and could be easily damaged.

These solutions will ship in the United States only.

Micro Set - $4.00 - US Customers Only


Micro Sol - $4.00 - US Customers Only